5 Bed Design Trends to Watch

When it comes to designing a bedroom, we all want something that is clean and modern. But what about when your style changes? What if you want more space or less clutter? Or maybe you just want to revamp the look of your room? Well, here are 5 trends in bed design that can help you achieve these goals:

Beds with integrated drawers are practical and stylish

The best thing about using integrated drawers is that they’re practical and stylish. If you don’t have much storage space in your bedroom, a bed with integrated drawers will help you get rid of clutter. You can use these drawers to store linens and blankets, or even clothes.

Integrated drawers are also an easy way to add extra storage space to any headboard or footboard of your bed frame, which means less fussing around when it comes time to find something specific!

Beds that double as storage

A bed that doubles as storage is a great way to add extra space to your room. Beds can have drawers, shelves or trays inside the headboard that can be used for holding everything from books to blankets and pillows.

Bed frames can also be designed with built-in lighting so you won’t have to go out of your way every time you want to read before bedtime. This will reduce clutter in the room and make it feel more organised!

Platform beds

Platform beds are also a great way to add storage space. The bed can be made with drawers underneath and it’s easy to add on shelves or cabinets.

Platform beds are becoming popular because they allow you to have more headboard space, footboard space, or frame area for decorating the wall behind your bed frame. This gives you the option of having a focal point in your bedroom without having to paint over an entire wall!

The floating bed

Floating beds are a big trend in the design world, and for good reason. They can be used to create a room that’s both beautiful and functional without taking up any space at all.

The floating bed is a platform bed with no legs, but it still feels solid thanks to its thick base and sturdy frame. This gives you more options when it comes to materials: wood, metal or glass could all work well here! The best part? You don’t even have to worry about buying an expensive piece of furniture if you don’t want to.

Canopy beds are making a comeback

Canopy beds are making a comeback, with high-end furniture stores offering them as a way to create privacy in bedrooms and make small spaces feel more spacious. A canopy bed can also serve as a focal point in a room: it’s perfect for those who want their bedroom to be the most important space in their home.

The style has evolved since its inception in the early 20th century. Nowadays, there are countless options for choosing from. Some come with varying heights (from low- to high-profile), allowing you to find something that fits your needs perfectly!


Now that you know what’s in style, it’s time to start designing your own bedroom. We hope this article has been informative and helpful to you as you plan out your next renovation project. As the saying goes, “It’s not how much you spend on something; it’s what you get for your money.



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